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We hope your auto glass repair or replacement was handled professionally and with a sense of urgency. Whether it’s a big or small job, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our

"Had a windshield replaced here at was not disappointed at all! I had great service from the moment I called. They also gave me the $100 and hotel stay as they advertise on the spot which was very cool too! They also advertise that they want their customers to say: "Why would I use any other glass shop?" and I have to say, I don't think I would ever use any other glass shop! They are by far, the best I have ever used."

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"These guys always have our backs in a time of need! Had to give a shout out for the helping hand they lent us last weekend! Thanks guys!"

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"Exceptional work and customer service! Two technicians completed the install in under 20min, very professional. Even after they were done, gave me the post op care instructions, and the $100 cash, they still went back to remove any prints/ smudges for a clean finish. I was very impressed and will recommend all friends and family to SWAT. Thank you!"

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"This company was very professional and had superior quality for a replacement done on my Mercedes Benz. Extraordinary staff and techs and beautiful service done on my car. Also, very punctual and efficient with my appointment which i think has been undervalued when getting a service appointment on your car. I would recommend using SWAT for your glass service if your considering."

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"My state farm insurance agent recommended that I use SWAT for my windshield replacement because that was the only place he let touch his vehicles and who he referred other members to when glass damage had happened. I was supremely impressed with my service experience. Extraordinary work done, so smooth and easy. I honestly cant believe how easy it was and how good these guys are. Really appreciate it with my busy schedule, thanks again."

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"I really enjoyed getting my windshield replaced when I went here. I thought it was going to be like any other service with my car, but they really made me feel right at home. They were very knowledgable, friendly, and fast! They also gave me $100 cash and a hotel stay for using their shop (yes you read that right, both of them)! I will be using this place for any other damages I get for my glass and ill also recommend to my family, friends, and anyone that reads my review! Thank you so much SWAT glass!"

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"I had a great experience here at SWAT Glass! I received great service that was fast and done very well on my Toyota. I was a bit nervous because my car is brand new and it has a bunch of different sensors on it, but everything looked great and worked just the same as before. I would recommend SWAT to anyone that reads this and is curious on what kind of experience you might receive here. Everything went so smooth and was so easy; give em a shot and I think you will be happy too!"

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"I had my windshield cracked and SWAT glass came and fixed it the same day!! They were so fast and friendly and they also gave me some great gifts too!"

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"Came in yesterday and had my windshield replaced and was out the door within about an hour or less. Everyone was incredibly friendly and really funny actually, made my hour go by faster than I thought with some good laughs with the staff there. I really am glad I came into swat glass for my service, I usually hate doing any car repair but this place was top notch and quick. Will recommend and will ABSOLUTELY use them again. I can see why they are highly awarded and credited, thanks again."

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