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Our Famous $100 Cash & 2 Night Hotel Stay Promo

Is the $100 a gift card, check, or cash?

We actually give you CASH! No check or gift card or waiting! You get you $100 instantly at your replacement appointment, given to you directly by your installer! You will receive your cash promo at your install on the spot!

How do I use the hotel stay?

The 2 night hotel stay is sent to you electronically, through email, right after your install on the same day. Once you receive the voucher, you have 30 days to redeem it and 1 year to use it. You may also give this voucher to someone else if you do not want to use it. There is a small $14.95 processing fee and, depending on what hotel you pick, there maybe a $50 security deposit that will be refunded back to you after your stay. Lastly, you are responsible for the federal room tax on the room which is $12 - $33. This voucher is valued at $159.99 per night, for a total savings of $319.98! The voucher has instructions and a F.A.Q. section for redeeming, using, and further questions you may have.

Where can I use the hotel stay?

The hotel stay is valid at 50+ destinations and its for 4-5 star graded hotels. The available cities are:
Anaheim, CA - Antioch, CA - Atlanta, GA - Atlantic City, NJ - Branson, MO - Brunswick, GA - Cancun, MX - Charleston, SC - Chicago, IL - Coeur D - Alene, ID - Columbia, SC - Dayton, OH - Daytona Beach, FL - Destin, FL - Florence, SC - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Ft. Meyers, FL - Gatlinburg, TN - Hilton Head, SC - Hollywood, CA - Honolulu, HI - Kissimmee, FL - Lake Tahoe, CA - Las Vegas, NV - Myrtle Beach, SC - Nashville, TN - New York, NY - Niagara Falls, NY - Niagara Falls, CAN - Orlando, FL - Ormond Beach, FL - Palm Springs, CA - Pigeon Forge, TN - Portland, OR - St. Petersburg, FL - Salt Lake City, UT - San Antonio, TX - San Diego, CA - San Francisco, CA - San Mateo, CA - Seattle WA - Sedona, AZ - Sonoma Wine Country, CA - St. George, UT - Tallahassee, FL - Tampa, FL - Tucson, AZ - Washington, D.C. - Williamsburg, VA - Wisconsin Dells, WI

How can you offer this?

The reason why we are able to do this is because hotels and resorts rarely experience full occupancy yet they are always open and still have their fixed costs. So what they do is contract with companies like us to give these rooms out to get people to come in to see what they have to offer. When hotels and resorts have empty rooms, they do not make any money and it's a waste of a good room. So when we put someone in their empty rooms, the hotel may have lost the price of the room (it was already empty in the first place), but now they have a customer that might spend more money at their in-house restaurants and shops or even take advantage of their amenities like their spa, casino, room service, etc. They know that if they show you a good time while you are at their property that you'll come back to stay with them in the future the next time you visit their city and maybe even tell a few friends about them. It's a win win for both you and the property.

We also offer cash along with the hotel stay because we want our customers to receive the BEST possible promotion/rebate for their glass replacement! We are hoping you will come back to us in the future or even refer a friend or family member to use our services!

What is this hotel certificate redeemable for?

This certificate will be considered void if bartered or purchased for legal tender by the recipient. This certificate is valid for a reservation request form offering 2 adults 21 years of age and older plus up to 2 children under the age of 18, 2 nights of hotel accommodations in the city of their choice of available cities. The cost to activate this certificate to receive the reservation request form is just a one-time non-refundable $14.95 processing fee. The cost upon requesting reservations is just a tax & fee deposit of $33 per night. Taxes & fees usually range from $12-$33 per night depending on when and where you travel to. If the taxes & fees are less than the $33 per night the difference will be refunded after travel is completed. 30 days advance reservation notice is required. In order to guarantee that you will show up to your booked reservation you will be required to pay a REFUNDABLE $50 “Reservation Guarantee Deposit”. If you send in your travel dates, etc and you do not end up traveling then the reservation guarantee deposit will not be refundable. 7 days before and after holidays and conventions are not available. This offer is valid 7 days a week subject to availability. Friday and Saturday nights will require a surcharge of $20 per night. A $5 per person per night surcharge is enforced for each child up to 2 children under the age of 18. This offer is only good for U.S. and Canadian residents only. This offer is not valid for group travel. The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: transfers, food, gratuities, all pertinent fees, taxes, hotel surcharges, resort fees and any other miscellaneous expenses. If you activate this certificate online you will be able to instantly print your reservation request form. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer. The expiration date on this certificate pertains only to activation of this certificate and not actual travel. You must activate this certificate by the expiration date printed on this certificate in order to access the reservation request form. You must fill out the reservation request form with your destination choices and arrival dates and mail it to our fulfillment department within 6 months after activation, however travel can be completed within 12 months after activation. You will be required to give the travel agency multiple arrival dates and destinations. Only one 2 Night Hotel certificate Per Household Per Year. This certificate has no cash surrender value, void if discontinued and where prohibited by law.

After I pay the initial processing fee, what other costs do I have to pay?

You will be required to pay a “Reservation Guarantee Deposit” of $50 plus a $33 per night “Tax & Fee Deposit” when you send back your reservation request form. Taxes & Fees usually range anywhere from $12-$33 per night. Any unused portion of your “Tax & Fee Deposit” will be refunded to you 30 days after travel along with your “Reservation Guarantee Deposit”.

Can I cancel?

The fee you paid to activate this certificate is Non-Refundable as stated on your certificate. If you have not already sent in a reservation request form successfully and if you do not want to take advantage of the offer yourself you could pass the reservation request form along to a friend or family member to take advantage of since you have already paid for it. Once we purchase accommodations for you and you need to cancel for any reason, any deposits or fees you paid for the room would be forfeited by you and are non-refundable as outlined in your reservation request form.

Do I get to pick the property?

No, but you do get to pick the travel dates. We cannot promise you a specific brand of hotel since all of our inventory is based upon availability and we do not know which hotels we will have available at the time we start to search our inventory for your requested travel dates and destinations. Keep in mind that we will not work with any properties that have less than a 3 star rating by other travelers on This is a website where actual travelers go onto to put their reviews of hotels and resorts they have stayed at. The last thing we want to do is get your hopes up on staying at the Hilton and we end up only having the Holiday Inn available during your requested travel dates. This is why we never promote specific hotel brands to travelers before a booking is made. This way we never have to worry about a traveler getting upset with us for promising a specific brand of hotel. Remember, we make money on re-bookings too, so you can rest assured we will place you in the best property available to us when booking your accommodations.

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