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Want to earn some extra money?

Want to earn some extra money? Want to set your own working hours? Want to be your own boss, but still have the backing of one of the best auto glass shops in Arizona?

If you answered yes to these questions, we have an opportunity for you. With a little work, you can earn anywhere from $25 – $4,000 per month working as an independent distributer for SWAT Glass. And the best part is, you pay nothing out of your pocket to do this. All you need is a go-getter attitude and some effort!

All that you need to do is refer people will broken auto glass (i.e. cracked windshields) to our shop with your special referral code and you get $25 per job that is completed by our shop! That's it. Just give them one of your cards with your referral code (that we supply to you), or your referral code, and give them our phone number and we handle the rest.

No money down to start or continue, no fee's, get paid the same day! Simple, easy, and quite profitable!

Here’s what you do to get going and start making money:

  1. Download our distributor application in pdf format. The link is at the bottom of this page.

  2. Print the application and complete it. Once completed, EMAIL it back to us (email it to: and once we receive your application, we will send you a starter kit, including some flyers and business cards to get you going. Anytime you need more, just let us know. You can start making money today!

  3. Pass out our flyers or business cards to your friends, family, co-workers, kid’s sports teams, etc. Or anyone you see that has auto glass damage. Our best success stories have come from people who deliver flyers/business cards door to door, but there are many ways to get your flyer out to people. Some of the best tools you have are through social media (i.e. Facebook or Instagram), where you can reach thousands of people instantly to garner interest in getting their glass fixed. As a matter of fact, a customer doesn’t even need the flyer or business card itself, just our phone number and your referral code and we’ll do the rest. This makes it easy for you to get commissions after just talking to someone, e-mailing, posting on a website, social media, etc. You’ll probably find a higher percentage and quicker response if you find people with damaged windshields, but handing the flyers out to people before they have a break works too. Since we offer them an incentive to get their windshield replaced with us, they usually keep the flyer around for a while. Remember, you can tell customers that we give great promotions for using our shop!

  4. For each referral that comes to us and gets their windshield replaced with your referral code, you will receive $25. We pay our distributers the same day via zelle mobile banking, paypal, or venmo! You get paid immediately after your customer schedules with our shop for their service! Now imagine getting 2 customers to schedule per day, 5 days a week. That is an extra $1,000 per month income for you and your family! Not a bad side gig, or even a your main source of income! We have success stories of distributers that make over $2,000 per month doing this full time! And the best part: you can do this own your own time; whenever and wherever you want! Its up to you how much effort you put in this and no one is looking over your shoulder and pushing you to work harder. You are your own boss!

It’s as easy as that. As we mentioned. You aren’t going to be able to retire to an island somewhere from this income, but you can make some extra money to help cover household expenses, treat yourself to a nice vacation, or get that special item you’ve been wanting to get for years. We send out thousands of dollars each month. Why not get a little for yourself?

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