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  • Do you use high quality glass?
    Yes! We use only the best auto glass available and we actually use the exact same quality of the glass your vehicle came with when it was assembled. Our windshield repair and replacement services are performed by licensed technicians and use only Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) and Original Equipment Equivalent, DOT Approved Glass, Moldings, and Urethane (glue). We don't cut any corners on the parts we use, or the quality of our work, to ensure you have the best replacement possible for your vehicle.
  • Could the crack in my windshield grow?
    Glass is unpredictable – you may have one rock chip that may not spread for 10 years, while another rock chip that may be a 2 foot long crack 30 minutes later. If your windshield is severely cracked, rest assured that it will not shatter or cave in on you randomly. The only reason that your windshield should ever cave in or completely shatter is upon extreme impact (a brick or very large rock) or during a wreck. It is not recommended that you ever drive your vehicle if there is a crack that is in your view while driving. Even if the damage is repairable (minor rock chip), if the damage is in the driver’s direct line of view, insurance companies require replacement. If the crack is on the passenger’s side of the windshield, it is important to be aware of the safety functionality your windshield provides to the passenger.
  • My windshield is cracked- do I need to replace it? Will it shatter?
    The windshield does more than just block wind and debris from hitting the driver or passenger. In fact, the windshield in many cars is used as a backstop for the passenger’s airbag to deploy correctly. If the windshield is weakened by a crack or chip in that area, the force of the airbag deployment could break the windshield and deploy upwards (instead of outwards). In this scenario, the airbag does the passenger no service and causes more damage to the windshield. That being said, not all vehicles use the windshield as a backstop for the airbag. Some deploy outward just like the driver’s side and some deploy up then out using the windshield as a backstop. In most cases, your airbag is going to deploy in the direction that its panel (indicated by the letters “SRS”) is facing. The windshield also helps protect passengers during rollover accidents. Numbers vary based on design, but some vehicle manufacturers report that up to 60% of your roof’s structural integrity relies on your windshield during a rollover. If your windshield is already cracked, your windshield could potentially lose its effectiveness during what is already a bad situation.
  • From the time I call, when can I have my windshield replaced?"
    We know you’re busy. That’s why from the time you call, we strive to get your windshield repaired or replaced within 24 hours. You can have it done in the shop or use our free mobile service to have it done at home or work. The choice is yours.
  • Do you service my area?
    The most likely answer is yes! We pride ourselves on serving all major areas of Arizona. Our representatives are always on hand to answer your questions. Please call us at (800) 871-4275 and we’ll do our best to serve you.
  • How long have you been in business?
    SWAT Glass has been in business since 2016. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and word of mouth is important to us. From your first call to our representatives to your finished auto glass installation, our goal is professionalism, efficiency, and a job well done.
  • Who should I contact if I have a problem?
    If you have any problem, please call us toll free right away at (800) 871-4275. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and we will work quickly to find a resolution to any issues that arise.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and cash.
  • What if I have no glass coverage on my vehicle?
    Not to worry! SWAT Glass has the most extensive supply of Auto Glass available to our customers. This allows us to deeply discount the cost of Auto Glass replacement for those customers that are without coverage. Give us a call today to see how affordable our prices are! Our free mobile service and installation within 24 hours still applies. Contact us or fill out our "request service form" for a free estimate.
  • Should I have my auto glass repaired or replaced?
    It really depends on the extent of the damage. Generally speaking, if the damage is in the driver’s line of sight or the damage is greater than 3 inches wide, a replacement is in order. If the damage is less than that, our repair techniques can fill the crack or chip making it invisible and making your windshield appear as good as new.
  • Will you sell my personal information?
    SWAT Glass will never sell your personal information. We hold it in the strictest confidence and it will remain only with us.
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